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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

~Helen Keller

Are you waiting for your perfect life? 

Are you:

  • feeling stuck because of others’ expectations of what you SHOULD be doing? 

  • tired of outdated business models and being just a cog in a big wheel of someone else's machine? 

  • fed up with your J.O.B.– exchanging TIME for MONEY

and you never seem to have enough of either?

  • burned out, worn out, stressed out?

  • feeling trapped in your present location or don't want to live in just ONE location?

  • dreaming of a change because Covid-19 has turned your world on its keester?

Postcards From Paradise

will give you fresh and exciting look at options.

Postcards From Paradise~Laptop Lifestyles Around the World 

includes twelve stories from people who have used technology (laptops and beyond) to create their non-traditional work and lifestyle. They have transformed business as usual into a digitally enhanced, location-independent lifestyle that’s become their own

version of paradise. 

I am a Boomer Hippie/Artist, Outlier, Silicon Valley Escapee–

a StoryCatcher channeling Terry Gross and Guy Kawasaki for decades. I'm collecting Postcards From Paradise from friends around the world who've used technology (laptop and beyond) to create their non-traditional work and lifestyle.  

Each of my storytellers, in their unique way, has transformed business-as-usual and created the lifestyle many

only dream of having, in a paradise of their own choice.

From places as diverse as Costa Rica, the Sierra Mountains of California, Hawaii, Australia, Norway, Boston—places exotic, rural, urban, including cruising on the high-seas—

 the local culture and the work (and play)

support the storytellers' passions and purposes,

making their lives both an adventure and rich beyond measure. 

The storytellers are people you may already know 

and people you'd LOVE to know.

I guarantee they will become your friends when you read (and hear) the storytelling.

I want to share these stories to inspire you to take a risk, live a dream, and write your own postcards from paradise—

hopefully with one addressed to me!

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Join in the journey and be a gecko on the wall while I write the book, with a goal to publish in 2021.

Perhaps you have a story to tell, too—awesome!

Join the Postcards From Paradise Community, and

let's keep in touch.

My virtual door is always open, and I'd love to hear

(and maybe catch) YOUR story.

Just fill out the form below to join the

Postcards From Paradise Community.

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(I dug around in my digital treasure chest and found a FANTASTIC FREE GIFT for you,

so be sure to join, now!)

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Yep, that's me:

Boomer Hippie/Artist, Outlier, Silicon Valley Escapee–StoryCatcher channeling GuyKawaski and Terry Gross for decades . . . and Author of Postcards From Paradise 

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